All My Patients 2 is here!
We took your feedback and redesigned All My Patients with a brand new drag and drop profile editor with lots of improvements!
Mac, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch.
Yes. All My Patients 2 is able to read and edit "ampprofile" files originally created by All My Patients 1
Yes. Existing profiles can be updated to include custom photos using All My Patients 2, you will also be able to change or remove profile photos at any time.
Designed based on inputs from physicians and other health care professionals, this App captures both text and image notes, providing you with a quick and intuitive way to note down patient symptoms, diagnosis, prescriptions as well as attach scans of x-rays and lab results.

There are more than 100 feature improvements In All My Patients 2 including:

  • completely redesigned drag and drop editor, now even more intuitive and user friendly
  • option to assign custom photos to individual profiles
  • dedicated style formatting panel for editing profile text size, font style and color
  • option to embed any PDF document into the profile by dragging it directly into the profile editor (Mac only)
Feature Overview
Intuitive user interface
For both tech experts and new beginners. Drag and drop to easily add visit notes and images.
Quick and efficient note taking
Designed based on inputs from physicians and other health care professionals, this App provides the ability to capture text, table and image notes.
Work on both mobile and desktop
All My Patients is now available for Mac and iOS devices.
Sync and manage profiles on multiple devices.
Search profile database
Search through patients by first name, last name and chart number.
PDF export
Easily exports profiles in PDF document format, ready for sharing with coworkers and patients.
Save time and reduce paperwork
Designed to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative duties, to allow for more time to focus on patients and treatments.
For Mac
For iPad
For iPhone
OS X 10.9+
iOS 9.0+
iOS 9.0+